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Social Invite Register Module for Evoq

Release v1.1

This is the first production release of this module which originally started as a training project for the 2013 DNNCon. This package consists of two modules: Social Invite and Social Registration. The Social Invite module allows you to give user the ability in invite other users to your website community and are incentivized by points to perform this task.

Required version of Evoq that contains the social game framework, currently Evoq Social or Suite 2.0.1 and higher

How it works

  1. The user fills out a simple form with email addresses and a message. If the emails are sent, the user will get awarded Reputation and/or Experience points which are configurable through the Evoq Social game framework. Also, a record is created of that invitation with the unique invite code that was sent to the recipient.
  2. If the recipient of the invitation clicks the link on the email, they will be taken to the registration page that contains their unique invite code. This is where the Social Register module is needed. This module is a replica of the core DNN registration module, except with the added ability to track the registration code.
  3. After successfully registering, the recipient user will get a notification to become friends with the original user.
  4. The original user will receive points through the game framework (also configurable) for each invitation that resulted in a new registered user. He will also get notifications from the new users requesting to be friends and can accept them,


Go to the downloads tab on the Codeplex project to download and install the DNN module package.

User Manual

Download Manual


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