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DNN Evoq Social Invitation and Registration

Project Description

Evoq Social Invitation and Registration is a DNN Social module that allows users to invite others to join the social community and provides a registration code to track their registration. This module was built as a tutorial to teach how to integrate with the DNN Social framework in 3 ways:
  • Game Mechanics Scoring: adding scoring definitions to allow administrators to assign points to module actions. In this example, we have two custom scoring actions: InvitationSent (sending an invitation) and InvitationUsed (the recipient registered as a result of the user's invitation)
  • Activity Stream: Actions of inviting a user is logged in the Journal or Activity stream to show a history record of the user's activity.
  • Notifications and notification actions: A user receives a social notification when a recipient he invited registers using the registration code from the invitation email. A Friend Request action is attached to that notification that allows the user to request his invite recipient to be his friend

Video Tutorial

I have the free video/blog of this tutorial up on my site for version 1.0, click here.


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